Отзыв от Пола и Регины.

Отзыв от Пола и Регины.

Tanya is literally worth her weight in gold (and if you’re looking at wedding bands, you know exactly how expensive gold is these days)! When we first came to her, we knew nothing about what we wanted: a fancy London wedding feel, yet family oriented; an elegant Mediterranean set up, yet planned and organised within 7 days.

I came to Cyprus 10 days before the wedding date and had no idea how to even start, but Tanya immediately took control and kept track of everything. After many failed attempts to get this wedding arranged, I came across Tanya and her team. We had a quick call and I immediately knew she was my fairy queen. She fantasised on the go and created a perfect picture of what I wanted within a few minutes. I didn’t have high expectations given we hadn’t even met before, but the reality turned out to be better than my most crazy dreams. We managed to pull a wedding one day before another lockdown was announced. It was an absolute Mediterranean tale.

Covid smashed my wedding reality: from a 200 people event in London we got to a family wedding in Cyprus with the most important people around. And it was beautiful.

Thank you, Tanya and her amazing team, for making this happen. And thank you, Tanya, for helping me to fall in love with this island by including our new family into your own.

Forever grateful,
Regina & Paul